MAE Product

Inner Envelope Outer Envelope
Wicking Pad Curing Flap
Curing Bladder Curing Tubes

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B&J Product

Buffing Rasp:

Buffing Rasp

Buffing Blade:

Buffing BladeBuffing Blade

Carbides Tools:

Carbides ToolsCarbides ToolsCarbides ToolsCarbides ToolsCarbides Tools

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Newfinix Product

Extruder Gun

Newfinix ProductNewera is pround to introduce our latest series of Extruder guns. Retreader in Asia use higher natural rubber content in repair rope and cushion gum, newly designed extruder has proven to work efficiently in such condition. At the same times, new design improves durability of extruder and long lasting for repeated use. The use of ergonomic design provides flexible control, while the improved parts allows for a more rapid and efficient manner of extrusion.

Chalk/Crayon (White / Yellow)

Newfinix Product


Newfinix ProductNewfinix bias ply tire repairs can be used on tube-type Bias tires. They offer excellent flexibility, greater strength, superior contruction and have been proven safe and dependable by millions of on-the-road miles. All newfinix bias repair are manufacturered with a ply of rubber between the fabric and cushion gum which acts as a float or shock absorbing ply. Repair unit contruction allows for easy applicatoin and enables repairs to be made closer to the tire bead, eliminating the need for a separate sidewall repair unit. Those repairs are also designed to have excellent air retention when used in tubeless tires.

Newfinix ProductNewfinix is also the most advanced radial tire repair system ever developed. Crown, shoulder or sidewall injuries in passenger, truck, agricultural and earthmover tires can be repaired with newfinix center over injury radial repairs. A special compounding and design allow the repair unit to flex and resist heat, assuring a permanent repair. Cloth back style repair are available. Cushion gum compatible with the heat curing system used must be applied before installation.

Sanding Drum

Newfinix Product

For Sanding Precured Tread

  • Achieve excellent sanding texture for the tread
  • Cooler during sanding
  • Lower cost per sand
  • Longer life span

Others Accessories

We supply wide range of accessories for tyre retreading, however, we would only show part of it, do contact us if you need to enquire any other item which are not shown here:

Elrick Tyre Brander Bosch Extruder Gun Expandable Hub Rebuild Kit
Uryu Air Grinder Trimmer Holder Trimmer Blade
Valve for envelope Valve for curing tubes Viton ring for sure seal Coupler
Wire Brush Sure Seal Coupler & Adaptor 1/4″ Air Coupler & Adaptor for Chamber
Extruder accessories Monorail accessories Aluminium Oxide Stones
Stem brush Cotton Glove Plain & Locking Stem
Collapsible Rim ARC Sealing Rings Expandable Rim
Robbin Curing Tubes Expandable Hub Aluminium Spacer
Countor Wheel Round Face Buffout Tools Pencil Rasp
R.M.A Buffing Texture Pad Buffing Template Hub Flange Kit
Nailhole Filler Extruder Gun Expandable Rim Curing Rim
Jacobs Chuck & Key Precure Envelope Leak Tester Wyco Flexible Shaft Buffer
Rubber Encapsulated wire brush Plastic Encapsulated Brushes Jet-Vac
Rotary Gougers Hubodometer Pneumatic Stapler
“Buzzout Cord” Armstrong Bladder Bandag Type Coupler & Adaptor
Insert Tools Radial Truck Seal Rubber Hog Taper
Carbide Cutters Heavy Duty Solution AWL
Air Tools & Eye Protection A & B Compound