B&J Refills and Rasp


Model of Rasp Width
R4 AP Convex 96
R4 AP 96
R4 REG 96
R115 NS 96
R115 REG convex rasp 96
R115 REG 96
R105 NS 96
R4 AP Turbo 96
R115 Reg Turbo 96
How to order B&J Rocket Rasp? Specify:
  1. Buffing Model Number
  2. Arbor hole size
  3. Keyway size (if any)
  4. Pin diameter and center to center dimension
  5. Pin Length
  6. Rasp Blade Type


Model of Blades Blades per set
R-4-20 Super Cool 28
R-4-25 Super Cool 28
R-115-20 Super Cool 25
R-115-25 Super Cool 25
S-115-20 Super Cool 30
S-115-25 Supler Cool 30
Apollo II 28
Apollo III 28
R5 Std 5
R6 Std 6

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