What is tyre recapping? 

When tyres become worn, they can be restored with new tread. According to the Tyre Retread Information Bureau, USA, there is no significant difference in quality between new and recapped tyres. Many tyres can be repeatedly retreaded, delaying the landfill disposal of the tyres and enhancing our environment through recycling. Large truck tyres are typically recapped as part of a routine tyre – management program. Two reasons are cited for this preference. First, the low cost to retread tyres makes it a cost effective routine measure for modern tyre-management program. Second, precure retread tyres are perceived to have higher mileage return than new tyres. This means better cost savings for the wise fleet managers. This is especially true on specialty wheels that are costly to replace. Newera Equipment’s retreading system is able to provide retreaders with effective inspection of tyres, buffing, repairing, building new treads and curing.Established since 1968, Newera also offers the full range of retreading accessories to support our clients’ operations.

Newera is the leader to promote the “pre-cure” recapping technology and equipment in Asia.

Newera Retreading Layout