Training Facilities

Newera believes in training your staff to optimise the productivity of our equipment for your profit. One of the many advantages of partenering with Newera is the availability of our excellent training facilitied located in Malaysia and Singapore.


The training school is a spacial building of over 10,000 square feet and was commissioned in year 2000. It has the most advanced retreading technology and highly sophiscated retreading equipment such as the Shearography, a non-destructive inspection machinery which use the latest laser technology combined with high-tech camera computing to detect even the most minute separation inside a used casing. The AZ extruder-builder is another highly advanced equipment utiliised, which aids in saving labor cost by automatic skive filling, cushion gum cost by using just one size of feed strip, cement spraying costs with correctly formulated cushion gum, and ultimately increasing quality of your retreaded tyres. Another high quality machinery available is the spectra nail hole detector used in the initial tyre inspection stage to detect pin holes, nail holes, cuts and porosity.



Located in Tuas, the training facility operates under the name, Zen Tyre Pte Ltd. It has a complete range of retreading equipment similar to training facility in Malaysia, and technical consultants with over 45 years of experience to provide practical and comprehensive training.

Singapore Training Facilities